any Suggestions?

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I took Defiant off of the Ragnarok I am using right now, and I really regret it. since you replaced Defiant with Pathfinder, make sure your Dodge is at least +60%.

if you are a Rogue using Storm (a Wizard Skill), unless you are only using it for it’s ability to cause Knockback, you should have at least one of these or a combination of these: +All Skills (Legend affix or Myth Stones), +10 Storm on your Pet, or Identity Set (increases DMG of Skills from other Classes).

otherwise, it looks like you made a good Chakram.

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Looks good if you have 60 % dodge.

@KeriTo for PVP. i will choose Defiant over Pathfinder. using Storm and with that Ragnarok Chakram, you can craft a mythic chakram with Cosmicorb.

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Pathfinder (5) with Dodge +60% is +37.5% DMG. Defiant (1-8) is only +25% DMG. if your HP never goes down, Pathfinder is better. if your HP goes down a lot, you can get spike DMG with Defiant. Defiant (5) with your HP at 50% most of the time will give you the same DMG as Pathfinder (5), with the chance to spike DMG higher if your HP goes under 50%.