Any tips for this

can anyone give me tips or ideas in finding the nadroji pendant and ring im already in floor 250+

The best method would be to obtain a hunter ring craftable like this

and then to repeatedly restart floor 200 activating the immediately available shrines and killing the enemies that spawn for more “powerful enemy” kills (epic tier enemies and up) :smile:

Wish we could trade in game haha.

I got so many Nadroji, since I got an eternal nadroji’s chest with the bonus, then found an eternal nadroji neck and it makes it so I have 100% enemy rarity chance, that plus the rare item find (+4 sets coming from the neck too) means i have 75% chance of finding rare legends, I get nadroji so often than they get converted to ultra rare gems now.

I also have a crystal nadroji ring with effective on it, so powerful and great for loot too.

were did you find your nadroji mate?

No idea man , had them for months, I can imagine somewhere past like 350 on M3 or something, your best bet is to get the eternal and crystal ascend perk, stock up on as much luck and item find as possible without sacrificing damage, and just farm hard.

ahh ok still using the hunter ring but it seems it only drops only the de same legend items

What floor difficulty are you in?

You should be able too find them from epic tier enemies and up on very easy difficulty floor 100+ they simply have a low drop rate is all :smile:

floor 250+ m3

what floor do you recommend sir for fast drop rate of it

Go floor 200, use 3 shrines to get epic monsters and kill them. Restart floor after that and repeat until you get one.

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spam floor 180-220 m3