Any update on the ios users who got the error

its been i think 4 days since the error any update sir. ive done reporting thru mail already. just an update coz im eager to play and its been already 4 days… tnx in advance

I’m in the same boat. Haven’t been able to play since update. And I literally just got to floor 1000. I check my inbox like every 20 minutes for 4 days straight…

Just continue playing for now. Then upload your save to the server when Support is able to help you guys out. I understand how saddening it is to lose your progress and am sure they are working to solve these issues as quick as possible.

Thank you for your civilized voice of concern! Lost items can easily be fixed. But I do not know about lost perks and stuff so that might be what is causing them trouble.

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it makes me lazy to play with 0 ascends T_T shrines everything. i got red and orange frames already on 2 of my chars. T_T finally built my cruising set now its all gone T_T

Ouch! I feel your pain man >.< I hope these issues gets resolved soon!

A while back, my younger brother reformated my phone. I lost a lot of stuff… So I fully understand how you are feeling right now.