Anyone else seeing weird loot gen stuff in 1.8?

I seem to be getting the same drops a LOT. In a few hours of play yesterday, I had legends from the rogue trickster set drop a good dozen times, and had Thunderbuss drop 4 times. Also, I’ve heard that the crystal drop rate had improved, but I’ve got 4 eternal legends and haven’t seen a single crystal item drop. I thought crystal items were supposed to be more common than eternals?

Yea Trickster and Deadly Arts set frequent drops kind of tick me off. I have 4 eternals while the only Crystal I have is for another class. >:v(

I dunno if other people get this as well, but all the random jewelries I bought from the merchant are for other classes as well. Is this intended?

I’ve been seeing that for as long as I’ve played. Trickster and Deadly Arts are common now but I used to get so many golden veins pieces I started truly loathing the set. It was the first set I completed and the first legendary I sold. I once filled an entire bag with just golden veins set pieces. Ascendent has always been very common as well.

As for the merchant; I stopped buying legendaries from him after the tenth wizard amulet in a row. I was playing my warrior with a rogue hireling to ensure all my drops would be from one of those two classes. The amulet, whose name escapes me, was the same one every single time. In fact, I think you can only get one item from each category from the shop. At least I can’t remember ever buying a legendary axe and it being anything other than fate’s travesty or a mans shield that isn’t spellbinder.