Anyone here knows what app the devs used to make models of the charcters in DQ?

Basically, I am curious to know what the devs used in modeling their characters for DQ and kinda wanna make my own character model in the hopes of maybe, they can use my effort and work(in any) to be integrated into the game… This gal for example, I wanna make a model of her! :smiley:

During the drought for new contents for the game, we the community might share our own ideas and work for the game that we love. So I am making this first move so people could join in and maybe one day the devs will notice our efforts and collab with us! :))

Cheers and thanks for the read!


It looks like yong rogue has become a spell caster.:heart:
He wants sir. @LK_Stradmore
Then especially those behind the rogue what is Their spooky back.:joy::heart:


What you do is something to me.:joy: I want her that name hawkeye’.:heart:


Need a entire new build, far from existing ones, unfortunately they’ll managed to make the talents of each character so broad coming up with a new one would be impossible? Druid, necro, shaman? Basically they have all that for the most part already. Since the game might be considered stale I would recommend as little effort as possible for the devs. Like @moosedeer suggested new level designed, add water? Throw in jungle? Add igloos? Anything that adds a bit of change? Bosses would be exciting immune to crushing blow, CB destroyed this game, needs nerfed. When people like @studenT even dares mention floor infinity that’s certainly is a issue. The new gear they added was nice I suppose, something new to find :man_shrugging:t4: how about adding levels your on the damn moon and u got 2 minutes to finish it before you run out of air :rofl: that’s a joke but anything! Need a slot machine to burn some gold and mats, what am I gonna do with 5k each of rare crystals? I dont need obsidean anymore. New pet maybe, one that attacks?


@SickPup I agree entirely that the game is very stale right now and we need something more than some new set affix. The only thing I can think off that can intice them to make more meanungful content/update is for them to “obtain the necessary funds” to pay for the service and effort of devs. So thats why I am suggesting in one post to make some way for them to have more way of monetizing the game like Battlepass and Slot Machine sounds nice as well, maybe excess CS, Mythstones and dust can be used as resources for the machine since like you said, we dont need X amounts of Crystals/Mythstones/Dust/etc.

@Mr_Hercules Since the game has only 1 female model in the game, I made the idea of making another playable female character for gender diversity. The monster behind her is a beholder4356
a flying one eyed monster that terrorizes the Kafra Airship in Ragnarok Online.

@HawkEye Hey I can name that if only I can do a full model of her ofcourse. Time will tell. :slight_smile:


It there is a new character, it should be based on fortune like warrior is based on strength, rogue based on dexterity and wizard is based on intelligence.


My original Idea for her is that she can weild one equipment from each class the same way wizard and warrior can weild swords then one unique weapon. Im probably thinking something like this:

Basic Attack: Impale
Summons a lance in front of you from below to deal damage.
Special Attack: Vendetta
Cast Impale on every enemy unit in a X radius near you.

Basic Attack: Shadow Claw
Creates a claw from the ground, raking the floor in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies caught.
Special Attack: Eldritch Moon
Blast a zone with energy, pulling near enemies in the middle of the zone then exploding.

Basic Attack: Whisper
Dash in a line to deal damage to enemies caught. This ability triggers twice.
Special Attack: Curtain Call
Think like WhirlingBlades but 4 dagger spins for longer and doesnt go far and return. You cant use this spell while daggers are spinning. This last for X seconds.

Basic Attack: DarkContract
Summon a flying Beholder that attacks enemies for you.
Special Attack: Thoughtseize
Channels a focused Energy that makes you immobile while channeling and your enemy taking damage per second and massively slowed. Your Beholder will mimic you to use this ability as well


Well for me, i wish the game could incorporate a ascension on classes, i play mu the game(similar or i think based on diablo) in early 2000s which consist of wizard, knight, elf, then they get a quest to grand wizard, blade knight, fairy elf. Not sure if this are correct but you get the idea.

Mage>>Higher mage\Greater summoner\Battle mage(something like this)

Warrior>>Master swordsman\ ???\ ???
Rogue>>Master archer/gunner\ ???\ ???
(You get the idea)
The toons can pick a higher quest or mission to ascend higher on classes if like you reached max perks + 99 level or they can even increase this difficulty to 10 ascension then get class ascension.


Kinda like Ragnarok Online class tree:
Yeah totally! I could go for that idea since I love RPG with jobchange system! :smiley:

If only we have someone here(devs or alike) would try to listen to the community requests that we can all talk and discuss what would be the best steps forward in making this game as awesome as possible…

They aren’t much actively present in recent months(mostly just for patches and thats it) and its kinda shows that they are more or less done with the game(DQ1) and moved on to do other things(possibly DQ2 but im pretty skeptical about this because if they wanted to hype us with new games, they would share WIP’s of any kind, just to give us something than nothing)…

But thats just my opinion… If only making games were that easy 'ya know…


My ideas for oh (assuming you did mh)
Basic attack: counter
Make you immobile. If you take damage, they are canceled and reflects damage to ennemi. It’s disabled after one hit or a short time
Special attack: thunder shield
Create a large thunder sphere around you that blocks projectiles and ennemies and deal damage to ennemis if hit by the sphere. It lasts X seconds

Basic attack: fire bomb
Throws a bomb that explodes when it hits the ennemi. Knockbacks ennemis with X% chance of stun.
Special attack : bombstorm
Throws many bombs that explodes in small aoe.
Cooldown is lowered by each hit

Basic attack: read
Uses a random skill. Cooldown is X% of the used skill’s cooldown (X<100 of course)
Special attack: weird attack
Uses your MH special with +50% all procs (over cap). High cooldown

Basic attack: drink
Increases aps for x seconds
Special attack: toxic bottle
Makes a smoke aoe that attacks all enemies every 0.05s for a short time with 100% crushing blow chance.


Alright! Looks like most of her kit is done…
Model idea[√]
Main Stat:Furtune[√]
Mh weapon[√]
Oh weapon[√]
Whatelse are we missing for our community charater suggestion? :laughing:

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Paywall and bigger bust for the weeaboos. That’ll motivate the devs!


This will kill the game faster :frowning:
Just anything fair for the players to purchase like collectors edition skins and stuff…

Im sickened… But curious… Please continue!


I’d like more background on the game. who’s limorex, malum, nix and ignis? who’s there eternal boss if there is one? Where did the adventurers come from? Why after floor 200 you end up on a endless journey? It’s all senseless information and dont help gameplay but a little background never hurt.
@LK_Stradmore I was jus joken around. Does dq have a offical fb site? If so I cant find it.


I play tap titans in early days of it, they made an event where players can create or submit ideas for new mobs they will release i think, they let players on forum submit 5 unique names, it was very fun, a lot of people jumble words and letters and search various names of mythological creatures.

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Fb link for dungeon quest:

The devs probably have one or two rough draft of ideas for the game’s story but isnt really fleshed out so they set it aside for reasons something like “lets cross the bridge when we get there” but who knows…
Officially we can ask them for one but I kinda like it that theres no background yet because we can let our imaginations run wild as to what really happened in the world and its inhabitants.

If I would think of a story for DQ, it goes like this:
In the Ancient times, the Eternal Protectors were instructed to guard the Five Divine Crystals which were the soul of the elements in the world. Limorex was tasked to guard the Heart of Worldnature. For Malum, the Heart of Worldair. Heart of Worldwater for Nix, and the Heart of Worldfire for Ignis. The last Heart however has been in the hands of humans to guard and keep safe…

Unfortunately, the Ancient Evil of the world awakens and now seeks to Seal the Divine Crystals to plunge the world into infinite darkness…

The four Eternal Guardians were beaten and corrupted to serve the Ancient Evil, the four hearts now sealed, causing the elements of the world now into discord, the last Protector has no choice but to do everthing what he can to ensure that the Ancient Evil never gets the Last Heart and find a way to undo what they have done…

Young Maleficus, last Protector chose to activated the forbidden ritual on the Heart of Worldtime. Permanently sealing his fate into that very moment where he bound himself into that timeline.

Whenever he dies, he return to that same place and time, his memories that future is with him but never his original age. Maleficus lost track of how many times did he died and returned on the same spot over and over and over again, slowly aging and getting weaker in the process as he continues the search for a way to save the world. He knows he is running out of time…



Well done! Someone get this guy on the payroll…! Thx for the link too.

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3ds max (modeling, animation, UV) and photoshop (texture and texture layout)


TL;DR: Give us more ways to support you guys because we dont want to let the game we love just fade and die… Thank you so much!

My lord $1620 for a year… I - I honestly dont know what to say…

Anyone can play the game for free for a lifetime even without spending a single cent in the game and here you guys needing to pay for atleast that amount of money just to contiually use 3ds max… Oh hey look, you guys are also using PS…

Well first things first, thank you so much for the reply @tdaniel… Really opened my eyes into your situation…

Next, I dont think you guys in Shinybox, LCC didnt publish games for money like most greedy games today with paywall for contents and/or milking out the playerbase dry with skinnerware schemes like loot crates. What I am wondering is how are you gonna make a profit with the game(DQ)?

I love how Dungeon Quest requires no money to play, how you can play the game without spending for anything like paywalls and how fair you guys price character slots and premium stash(Which I did bought to support you guys btw). But with limited IAP’s which aren’t required to play the game makes less and less people wanna consider buying them and its not even the worst part… I’M LOOKING AT YOU! YES YOU SELFISH HACKERS!

Maybe consider adding more ways to monetize the game fairly like the suggested:
*Battle Pass Anyone remembered the prenerfed Guideshot? Can we have a set affix for that?
*Slot Machine Anyone here knows what app the devs used to make models of the charcters in DQ?
*More premium stash Anyone remembered the prenerfed Guideshot? Can we have a set affix for that?
*PreOrder of premium stuff like prestige skin, early access for new contents, etc.
*Do a contest, whichever wins will be added to the game for us to buy like new contents like skin, art and design for new hero, legends, pets, etc.

Im gonna stop now because of the wall of text I made… Thanks for the read and again I really really want to thank you guys at Shinybox!


Really good questions!

A lot of this will come out over the next few weeks/months anyway but we don’t just do games. We also do a lot of enterprise level software development. We all L O V E games here. If we could focus 100% of our attention and energy on just making games that would be perfect, but that is not always the reality for small independent studios like us.

As you mentioned we do not have a lot of pay walls or mechanics in our game that limit the amount of time a player has with our game or its content. Yes, we do sell character slots and people ask us all the time about just giving those away for free as well.

Short answer is that I don’t think the character slots limit what you can do in our game (let me make a clarification on that). Yes, you do need at least 1 more slot to play 2v2 in the Battle Arena but that is a gameplay mode, that isn’t a gameplay system (like the mythstones, crystals, weapon/item customization, etc) and we have a 1v1 battle arena game mode as well for players that do not purchase additional slots.

We have been very silent on DQ2 and “other stuff” for a good reason. Making a game as deep (or deeper) than DQ1 takes a lot of knowledge and it takes a lot of time. Time = Money. We don’t want to rush a game like DQ2 and have it fall flat on its face because we didn’t’ take our time to test things like networking (co-op play, save game progression, playing your same save game on a zillion different types of platforms) or create enough content for the game to be compelling.

As I said we love to make games but we also LOVE to play them! We don’t spend our time playing games that have aggressive money systems in them, which is why we don’t make games that have aggressive money systems in them either. Yes, we do have to make money to stay open and make games. We want to find a way to make money and at the same time give all players a great game to enjoy (not just those with deep pockets).