Anyone here knows what app the devs used to make models of the charcters in DQ?

Did he jus say dq2 will have bigger maps? Ascension combat perks, extensive skill trees? New characters, 2 hirelings, more landscapes, more Crystal’s, more runes, more mythicals and skins? 5 minute CGI boss cut scenes micheal bay would be jealous of? That’s what I read anyways :joy:

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Basically me when the Devs finally notices my posts.


Oh geeze…you joined this forum in 2015 @LK_Stradmore of course we see your posts. Just so everyone knows we do read these posts…like all of the posts. I check it several times a day but I do not have a great online demeanor so I don’t respond very often (outside of the “reviewed” “removed” etc etc).