Anyone playing any new games over the holiday break?

Here in the US its Turkey Week and shopping madness day!

Most of the SBHQ crew will be taking some time to rest up for some hard upcoming work over the next three months.
Anyone have any games they plan on playing over the weekend?

I am always looking for new stuff to play and I don’t get to spend much time learning about all the new games available so if you are playing something you like please share!

On my list for the end of the week:
Titanfall 2
Icey (steam game)
Some WoW or PoE.

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IOS games: Ember, Bastion, Heroes of Normandie, Terraria, Card Crawl, and You must Build a Boat are pretty good :+1:t2::smile:


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Ember is a nice name! Will check that out and YMBAB I have heard some good stuff about as well.


Lifin’ it up.

I just play dungeon quest don’t play anything eles that much :stuck_out_tongue:

Dungeon Quest is pretty much the mobile version of PoE imo. Theorycrafters’ paradise.

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I think they (PoE) just had a huge update. Was gonna check that out since I have not played since beta a few years back. Their new areas look really good imo.

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I wish there were more games like this on mobile free offline ect DQ is a lot of fun

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Dota 2!!! Hahah gets pretty competitive every game u play ahahah

Perhaps FFVX will show up before the weekend :scream:


I’m glad I checked this post and I remembered there’s tons of big discount sale in Steam right now.

I’ve just finished skyrim special edition, it was really an eye candy for someone who played it in console without mods.

I have to finish AC Syndicate then play Dishonored so I can play Dishonored 2

Damn, so many good games on sale!! I cannot choose!!!

OHHHHH! I didn’t know thanks for the tip!!

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I’m on PS4
I’ll be playing all of these (unless someone hits me up and wants to play any one in particular for an extended amount of time lol)
Elder scrolls online gold edition or whatever it’s called.
Titanfall 2 (been playing a couple weeks)
COD infinite warfare(been playing a couple weeks)
Dishonored 2
Skyrim SE (been playing a couple weeks)
Killing floor 2 (mostly my girlfriend haha)

just started TF2…so will be no good to anyone there :).
I have the elder scrolls game as well. I have it loaded up but made a magic lizard and stopped when I got to town. Might give it another go as well.

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Dark Souls 1-3, Demon Souls and Battlefield 1 would probably please you.

POKÉMON!! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

Hi Mr. Scooty!

How you been for the past month?! You gonna play some more DQ soon?

Good 2 c u around :+1:t2::grin:

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I have been slowly getting back in shape the past month. I am back playing again and I have to make a bunch of changes to my PvP toon. Glad to be back.

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Hit me up dude! I’ll play both with you. If I’m not mistaken I can access my old ESO account and make us some leveling gear haha!
I’ll definitely get down on some titanfall two with you as well. Definitely my top rated FPS this year.