Aphrodite Dagger prototype


i just found my first eternal obsidian dagger (rogue) and i just try make my very first melee rogue with it. if u encounter my melee rogue “Aphrodite” and if u have any feedback about the damage please write it in here.

Thank you.

Your rogue does plenty of damage but from my numerous fights with you you have 0 survivability I 1 shot you consistently with my eterrnal Obsidian dagger rogue I’d suggest changing up your ai a little bit it initiates too late or too early but over all of say your zuesrage warrior is much stronger from a defensive stand point

i see. thanks man. i think it because i set it as avoid enemy at 0 yard lol. survivebility another problem lol. i think im good at maximize damage output. but lil slow on tankines

Glad I could help you’ll need a little more tankiness too be able too beat extremely high ranking warriors but if built and initiated properly you can beat basically any opponent with the dagger rogue

lol i beat rafea and shay tank with it. maybe the timing AI do is different from what i do.

It definitely is then lmao