I recently made an apocalypse staff from an ascendant staff. The skill is powerfull and has a low cooldown, but I only saw the furies once. I believed that some summon cap was preventing them from spawning (after all, I have the spirits, the command and the skull shields) but I tried without any of those, to no avail. Then I tried using trickster, and the ones casted by the mirror image not only appeared, but acted weirdly. They run towards monsters really far, or stood shooting towards them through the walls, even after the monsters were dead. And thee was literally no limit to them. I cluttered the screen with furies from the mirror image. Is that normal?

Update: the issue still happens with the new mythic system, but now is worse; since apocalypse is a proc now, the illusions does not cast it.

I will check on this stuff.

Take a look at this: viewtopic.php?t=2162