Apparent bug: Some enemies unkillable after freezing

I have a gauntlet which freezes enemies into blocks of ice, allowing me to kill them at my leisure, but occasionally one will come back with no health, and it won’t die no matter how many times it hit it, or what I hit it with. It just follows me around the rest of the level, attacking with impunity.
It only happens when I use this particular gauntlet
Golex’s Gauntlet
3525 DPS
+1 bolt
+4.8% attack spd
+1.6% freezing
+730 armor
+4.2% dodge
+112 spell res
LVL 64

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! We found this issue not long ago (and it also happens with a few other legendary items) and fixed it. This will be in our next patch, so you shouldn’t run into any more unstoppable rampaging killer slimes :smiley:

There was a work around for this issue. Just put up some skulls and let them explode. This would insta kill the unkillable creatures no matter the distance to the skull.

HA! Awesome fix :smile:

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