Apparently, things have changed

OK… maybe I’m just slow.

I just noticed that most of what I’ve read about ‘perfect rolling’ and such was before 1.6. I just uploaded my chars… Tried to apply a few crystals and didn’t get the talent I wanted. I can’t download, since I don’t have an older version? Is there a way to redo my crystals? Or is the system now to just get more crystals and grind away?

I like what they did on the new ‘Sync System’… No more upload-download exploitation…lol… Maybe you need to be more careful on experimenting your items/gears with Crystals and Myth Stones…[emoji56]

What I did after I tried and had an experienced some CrystalsI I learned that I need a well plan before crafting… So I’m focus on farming then after I collect all the Crystals and Myth Stones I need that’s the time I will craft my own items/gears, just my own thought…[emoji6]

Actually,still can re-download the save (no need to root/jb. Find the method yourself)

I did find one, actually… But it seemed more of a pain. However, if it means getting a high level crystal back that flopped or didn’t work well… It could still be worth the comparably small effort involved. I dunno… Still seems kinda like a second cousin to cheating…

[quote]@ Bole Aganja - Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:28 am
overwrote my saves…suicidal… hope they can fix it. I need DQ![/quote]

Seems like your try to use the upload / download exploit failed, because you overwritted your data on the server, you should have be carreful and not trying to play with that :laughing:

Oddly enough, it wasn’t that. I dropped my phone in a pool and had to get a new one. When I reinstalled DQ, I saw my chars on the server side. With nothing on my side. But the arrow was pointing from the server to me. I clicked upload cause it was highlighted, and before I knew it, I had a single 28th lvl char… Which is really weird because that save would have been like 2 weeks old. Anyway, the guys at customer service really shone through and fixed me. My hats off to them for their efforts.

Yeah weird i agree! Anyway ugor fixed so everything is fine now :smile:

I’m confused; can we or can we not still use the upload/download feature to get a “redo” if the crystals/stones we use don’t have the desired effect,as we could if our rolls, etc. were undesirable before the crystals/stones were introduced? If so, is the process the same (Leave level, go to account, download from server and try again)?

Nope nope nope

perfect way to punish new players :mrgreen:

so, if u played before the patch, gz u have perfect gear. if u r new, too bad, u r punished. :angry:

U have to put in 1000x more effort instead of pressing 2 buttons.

1.3 is, in terms of game goodness no comparison to 1.7 . Its been getting so much better since then. The increased effort in perfect-rolling and enchanting is a minor setback but overall, be happy! The only thing i dont like is that the legendaries you get that you dont upgrade are really bad. I have a perfect-rolled deadly arts set, but i still cant even do ep5 on f200.

I increase quality to 25% and use diamonds to perfect roll legends and crystals affix. After that, I use kalcits to reloll other affixies.

perfect way to punish new players :mrgreen:

so, if u played before the patch, gz u have perfect gear. if u r new, too bad, u r punished. :angry:

U have to put in 1000x more effort instead of pressing 2 buttons.[/quote]
This is all very inaccurate. If anything, it’s easier now. I played nearly 300 hrs pre 1.7 and got nowhere close to being able to have crystal gear, and I had a 200% IF farm set for most of that time. A week after 1.7 and I have Obsidians out the wazoo.

If you didn’t play back when that was possible, which you obviously didn’t, then you have no frame of reference. And without that, no real way to formulate valid complaints.

Yeah… With the crystal challenge with +2 thats too easy.

just because the download button isnt highlighted doesn’t it mean it doesnt work… :wink:
Also, pressing upload would obviously overwrite data on the server.