This goes to tdaniel, and whoever is listening.
I LOVE how goddamn ‘hands-on’ you guys are when it comes to the community in this game.
Have no idea how many users you guys have, what kind of revenue, and how hard it might be if a game grows a lot bigger, but MAN, there’s a lot of developers who could learn from you guys!!!
Being so close to the community, answering forum posts, explaining that you’re taking care of problems when they occur (cause they do, and we all know it)
It makes me as a costumer feel like ‘I am a part of this’, instead of just a paying costumer with the rights to go ape-shit, if the game doesn’t live up to my expectations.
Also your admins on this forum + the more experienced players are amazing for support of mere mortals like myself, trying to understand this game.
Devs being close to the community = EPIC win!
Forum admins + community = EVEN more epic win!


Thanks very much for saying that!
It goes without saying (errr typing I guess) without the help of our community mods there is NO WAY me and steiger could handle the form and the questions our players throw at us, that is the fun part :blush:

Honestly, no BS here, everyone at shinybox plays games. We do…we spend all of our time either making games or playing them. Personally, I don’t want to be treated like a random customer ID when I play games, so we don’t treat our players that way.

We are excited for what the future holds and hopefully we will need even MORE community support when things get a bit bigger in the DQ world.

Thanks for playing DQ and for being a part of the community!


I Second this. I have hard a couple issues in the past, all handled post haste and to satisfaction.