Arcanist + ascendant

Is arcanist + ascendant combo still working?

No ,

Ascendant + crushing blow +frozen

Its worth it

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Yes. Though I prefer just arcanist as even on its own its pretty brutal. Ascendant on Hirling or main works too but certainly optional. Since weaken applys arcane effect for arcanist and is a staple in some builds, arcanist is easy to test. One affix and thats it.

That"s another way to do it as well. Arcanist+ weaken+ Frozen itself works great too, can confirm. 20%+ ED per enemy is decent. 5 enemies is like +100% extra dmg globally. Arcanist+ Plagued works great too. Another one being crushing flames (5) or shock based such as Electrocution or Electrified.