ARCANIST WITH IMMOLATE AND legendary affix of elemental critical

Does the Set Arcanist buff can work in elemental critical of immolate? I was just wondering how does arcanist work. (All of my weapons,armors,jewelries and pet is a fire element) also i’m using bow as my main hand weapon.

@jtfrozenfire arcanist -apply arcane debuff upon hitting crit hit (inc dmg 5%per rank). (applied upon using arcane element and landed a crit).

u need to hit arcane element w/ crit on mobs to stack the dmg inc.

u can use ascendant so that while using arcane u can stil cast other element and have 12.5% reduce resist per rank upon using arcane atk on enemy - works well w/ weaken affix.

each mob can only apply arcane debuff once.(when hit w/ crit again i believe it will refresh the duration of the buff) not sure if “refresh is the right term lol”
if the mobs die the dmg inc from that stack will also vanish.

You only need a Crit. No arcane emelent needed.

@OP: it only works on Crit attacks. Not Ele Crit ones. Also, unless you are using it with Ascendant, the debuff will have the usual 0s duration.

it needs the arcane debuff from ascendant?

Yes. This is because normally the Arcane Debuff has a 0s duration with no effect. Ascendant increases the Debuff duration to 5s and gives it an effect to reduce Resist to other Elements.

@clogon im confuse. we tested it but it seems not working if not arcane crit?

also der been lot of talk dat u needen arcane crit for it too affect.

so just want to clarify.

You only need Crit and Ascendant.

@Clogon can it stil work w/o ascendant? so pure ice or fire or poison build will also benefit frkm arcanist set affix?.

As I said, you need Crit and Ascendant. That’s it. The element of your weapon does not matter. I’ll upload a video once I get home.

@clogon ok tnx for clarrifying. really great help.

You can see in the video above I use Ice weapons only but the enemies are still affected by Arcane Debuff (they turn pink).

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@clogon tnx for the vid really help specially those who are confuse.

note: i also tested it my self w/ pure ice and pure fire just now. (arcanist works even w/o arcane element if use ascendant )the massive dmg boost upon stacking can be seen through stat page

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@roykiyoy nice dmg

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For fast spamming of Arcane Debuff, even without hitting,

in Warrior, use Wrath Talent or Explosive Legend Affix.

in Mage and Rogue, just Explosive Legend Affix.