Are the premium stashes worth buying?

I just want to know if it’s still worth to buy the premium stashes.

Yes. They very much are worth it.

I actually did without the Premium Stashes at first, until I got a Play Store Gift Card, at which time I went crazy and got the Premium Stashes. the extra space is really helpful, and the Crystal & Myth Stone Stashes are very helpful also.

My stashes are filled with pets ( and I have so many) so to me yes. And you can store all your crafted throw away items in them. You never know if they will become useful :sunglasses:

Many a time I’ve removed items from characters when making builds and thought they were a crap idea. Then you make a different build and suddenly you think I’ve got the perfect item tucked away.

They aren’t so useful.

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There you go. Two different opinions.

8 items per build. 5 builds are enough I guess so 4 stashes are enough. :neutral_face:


Good logic. Shared stashed however are a must.


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Sure, everyone can play just fine without buying the premium stashes, but nothing beats the convenience of having all your crystals and mythstones automatically arranging themselves for you in separate compartments.

Having your crystals and mythstones commingled with your items in the bags or even stashes can bring you nasty consequences sometimes especially when you get back to the game tired.

By purchasing the premium stash, you are not only doing yourself a favor by improving your inventory space, but you are also contributing to the devs for the further improvement of the game.

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before I got the Premium Stash, I was putting my Crystals & Myth Stones in a Stash, so that took up 2 Stashes. and I have to move the CS & MS manually from my Bags to the Stash with the CS & MS. getting the Premium Stash was so worth it just to have them moved automatically.

other than that, it is personal preference whether to get the Premium Stash or not.