Are there any viable Ricochet builds for Rogue?

I’ve been doing a fair bit of looking because I really enjoy the Ricochet play style but haven’t been able to find any builds. If there are any viable ones, links to them would be awesome!

I don’t think much people use it. It’s difficult to use. I’d link you to some builds, but there really aren’t any. I’ve dabbled with a couple, two in particular, but nothing great due to lack of interest and play time. You can try out a Scatter Shot build (using Buccaneer) and a Spell Sword build with flints, though. Just for some ideas.

Hey JK,
Been wondering the same thing myself since I like the flintlock play style a lot too so my main toon is a Rogue. I don’t quite understand why the build isn’t viable, but that’s likely my ignorance about how awesome a warrior or wizard build can be.
I currently use mix and match, partial farming build items for my Rogue including an Immortal Flintlock, Nadroji Ring, Amulet, and Robe, Gemmed Crown, and then a random Epic Vial. My DPS is 1.3 - 1.5 Million and I can do just fine on EP7 in the low 200 floors and I am currently grinding up floors on EP5 (at 370 right now).

The build that I’m assembling components to make is a hybrid farming/frozen build. Essentially my plan is to craft a really nice Immortal Flintlock, keep my Gemmed Crown and one of my Nadroji jewelry and then use Wrathful Winter plus another Frozen item somewhere. That should give me 10 projectiles, ~25% chance to freeze, 200% Frostbiting, and the Frozen set damage explosion. I just can’t see how that is not a reasonably effective build but I guess I will find out the hard way lol. If any experts can share reasons why that doesn’t work, I would appreciate it :smile:

I’d be happy to share my play experiences with this build when it is done, but it will probably be another week or so before it is operational.

Good luck JK and let me know if you figure something out too!

Hahaha you’re quite a bit further ahead in the game than me. I haven’t even gotten to the stage where I can ascend for the first time as yet. I just figured I’d make a thread asking to gather some info while progressing.

That sounds like a really fun build Rainman and something that I’d be keen to try when I have the gear etc. Keep me posted on how you go fine tuning it and best of luck! :slight_smile:

it have alot weakness (atleast for me).

Ricochet is awesome. I’m currently using one for hiking. However it’s very weak against high rarity monsters so what I do is I change to bow when legend or mythic enemy spawns. Other than that it’s awesome. Mobs die before you even get vision of them.

Yeah. That’s basically everything about ricochet in one post. Haha.