Arena Basic Setup page [Idea]

Just some idea tho when i was crafting some part of my wiz build it give some random affix that actually change all over my build themes. and for using that build i will need to respec my hero point and put it in for pvp setup, and when i want to play on pve i need to respec again. so basicly it consume gold as much as i often playing pve and pvp with it.

So for this solution
I hope dev can make mini hero point page at lvl 20, so atleast when we use anorher pvp build that req player to respec, it not consume gold as much as we respec point at lvl 99…


That is a great idea and so true but I never have to reset hero points yet. If i do,I can see what you mean if I still continue playing arena.

Good idea. Put separate AI settings too.

Yup lol.

I tho hero points are not include at pvp?

That is correct. It isn’t included in pvp.

I think he means stat points but I can’t really confirm as he stated hero points.

yep stat point.

I have an idea for the arena. Make sanctuary proc 50%

Hey mahout, nice AI i faced yesterday. So similar to my build but he is a better AI. You are somewhat a tough opponent in arena but @kcellvirus Ai much tougher and he is sometimes easy or very hard for me to beat.

Congrats on your AI kcellvirus and I can see his skills also similsr to the skills used in my arena build. I did get cosmic orb kver bombard and ruptured over sureshot and so far, I win much more and deal much more dmg. I have dealt 47k bleed at one point and sometimes insta kill kissmyaxe/indobeta tester as well as clogon sometimes if i lucky. Kissmyaxe gotten so much harder and indo beta tester as well and I feel like lot of ppls got some ideas from what they have seen off my AI or from my build being revealed in 2v2. Since I am inactive in 2v2, I think people try copying build from there. Again, congratulations for your AI.

I have been winning at least 1 arena (away team) chest per day and who do I win against?

Thanks :smiley: I made that build b4 you share your build here in forums ,I made that build bcoz of clogons ai and with that I can kill all ai ,maybe its bcoz its ai and not real player, BTW I pulled out that build and my EOD build is now in at arena :smiley:

I think ppl can’t see your build at 2v2 coz your 1v1 is already at eternal,

Oh ok then.

Oh yea i forgot that I shared my arena build to you in private. It isn’t complete though but it is still great. Now i just gonna keep playing arena but not as much as I used to. I kept re rolling my nadroji ring to get perfect rolls and still trying.

Also i am gonna attempt to get eternal trophy just for aesthetic and maybe some power.

You share your build to us me cronos and teecup, b4 u share your build to us I already made my build, and its not inspired by your build its inspired by clogon, the deference is I use rogue and not wiz its more of cross build,

I see. My build wasn’t inspired by clogon but rather from my own preference and some affixes I took from lohko build. I rarley lose to clogon now and he is quite squishy. I can ohko clogon, indo beta tester and kissmyaxe as well as other clogon clones ,sometimes. I am getting sick and tired of clogon clones though and I wish they could stop! I squish them easily but sometimes they get me and I can’t do anything ahout it which can ruin my streak sometimes.

My build may or may not be terrible if fear and taunt immune comes out and even if they nerf my arena build to become useless, it still is a potential powerhouse of a campaign build.

Well any player can do that coz their facing AI and not real player, I can beat them all easily the only thing that can broke my streak is when my internet connection will lost haha,

Similar to what I say but you don’t lose to AI at all or often.