Arena bug? Lost my rank

Some how I drop out of eternal back to common in 1v1. I played 3 rank game an after ever win of the 3 rank game it said " fail to find I’d, point will be updated after next match". Then I saw my rank at common…

I am getting same error failed to find ID but I did not get move back

It sucks lol…

I am assuming server error?

We are currently looking into this issue. Please be patience.

Forsho thanks!

Looks like our service provider is currently have some “issues”. Trying to get in touch with them now! Will update as soon as I have more info

Came here due to the same issue. Thanks for the update!

Just checked and I lost my 1v1 Arena rank as well. Was first in common league with 70 points till magic.

2v2 rank is fine, last I checked.

This issue should be fixed now. You should be able to complete a battle now and get the correct outcome.