Arena Chest | Cartographers on Challenge Maps BUG?

Okay, hi guys. Just made a new account just to report this one as I’m kinda sad/frustrated lol.

First of all, why do Cartographers from Challenge map is almost always untargettable? this makes my bow-rouge have a long time killing it because I just let my arrows pass them to damage and the Guiding shot effect doesn’t trigger even the auto lock target?

Second, I just reached the second league in arena which is Magic league. I started playing earlier from 500 points to 1000 on common league then when I ranked up, I tried to claim all the chests that I have saved up which is 63 and it says that the chest has been transferred to my one and only character but when I tried to play on campaign, there’s no chest. -.- I kinda feel I saved it all up for nothing lol

Hey! Could you upload a screenshot or your whole equipment and send it to me per PM? So, I could try to track the bug down.
Just contact the support. I am sure they will help you:

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Send me your dq account email address and I will get you those chests.

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Hi there, I just uploaded my 6 equipments and uploaded them as links to save from scrolling down. I do apologize since I can’t use my PM Feature yet. Also, since I’m not that high level yet, its okay to for others to see my items haha

Hello, I think I am not yet able to send a PM since I am new but my DQ Email address is

Mod edit:
Please do not post your personal info publicly. Next time just email support and you will contact the dev team.

I see, sorry about that. Thank you

Thank you :smile:

Btw, here’s a sample of me fighting a cartographer just recently on a legend challenge map. I’ve switchrd to using guns since guided shot doesn’t seem to be useful on untargetable enemies an just relied on the fast aspd in a straight line of guns.

Ok I just sent you some chests.

Before you click on the messages try to get as much room as possible in one of your inventory bags. We will be releasing a patch in a few days that will address this issue but in the mean time the best thing to do is make sure you have plenty of inventory space!

Wow thank you!