Arena chests

Ok serious, whats wrong with the arena chests? I fight against an eternal league charge/taunt warrior like 80% of all players and i win closely a 3-2 and i get a freaking rare chest for it. 2 fights later i fight a rare league rogue and i get an eternal chest. Wtf is wrong with those drops? Im mythic league btw.

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it gives random chest at arena

you want to collect eternal arena chest? Unequip your PVP gears, let your char lose intentionally.
Go to pvp and fight alot weaker player. Rinse and repeat

Im not about eternal chests. I would even prefer legendary chests. Its about the no sense making drops. Random drops are stupid higher league should give higher rewards based on the opponent. Eternal enemy giving a rare chest but rare enemy giving eternal chest is kinda pointless.


I thought it have higher drops based on league but turns out I’m wrong . Man eternal chests sure are a lot of work then.

And they are not even that good. I prefer normal or crystal legends, so you can atleast edit it the way you want. I got 3 or 4 eternal chests and everytime i got useless stuff. Also dont forget that you can convert chests. Seems obvious but i noticed it waaaay too late, i opened so many rare and epic chests just to clear space… could have converted them to legend ones :confused:

Eternal trophies are the best. They are the most OP items in PvP as you can have very high ar pierce, purge, cc hp and MP healing, clotting, anything that can make all the difference but they’re a pain to get the perfect eternal trophy. You need eternal league to even get them too lol.

And its one item out of hundreds. I have a legend trophy and im pretty happy with it, it has pretty good stats

I got trolled by opening 10 Eternal chests but I wasn’t in eternal league so I got trolled and got legend trophy. I ended up quitting that day for arena… That was a few months ago.