Arena clash

Oh arena a place where both prey and predator aiming the food chain’s throne!

I am here again to suggest something,
Aside from the long time requested live pvp or live pvp rooms, for all mighty aimer’s sake,
Developers, can you consider a guild war on the battle field or even offline guild war like, a player will have a chance to create a guild ( your choice if its a real money $$$ paid or just in-game gold cost). After created the guild, player will be choosing his allies or recruit members for his factions thru some kind of online registration or something like that. And then, options for guild war rooms shall be present to continue to the battle arena exclusive for the competing guilds. But ofcourse there should be same league to aim for. Just like the current pvp but, in a guild war form. I couldn’t think of an accurate way to employ such kind of battle but I hope you should consider it someday. :wink: ( it can be offline or online)


Very interesting and fantastic suggestion. PvP 1v1, 2v2 and Guild. Your Guild could be up to 5 team members. An individual would have to ‘create’ the guild and there would be options to… 1. Join if MMR >1900 (guild owner variable), 2. application, 3. recruiting (all of which would be variables & could only be modified by creator/owner of the guild), 4. Remove team member etc… The people in this guild would do 1v1 and their aggregate score could constitute a guild MMR. Very cool indeed - if that is what you envision. It would add a new spice to the game. If not now, maybe DQ2 will have that capability… Maybe a reward system for guild rankings every week… Rewards could change based on what devs push. 1st place guild team could get 20 obsidian, 2 elixer and 5 boosts etc.

Edit: Being in a guild could/should also cause a guild to become banned if a team member cheated.

The fight could also be a ten person melee… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Normally I dislike guild games but this might be an exception because I might like builds in this game :grin:

Edit: I meant Guilds , not builds.


Did you just said DQ2?
You made me hyped just now dude.
But i hope Devs’ll gonna think for this. This could add more players to the game. More players means more possibilities.

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Build making on this game is like the golden age of exploration

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Yes to DQ2. We did a survey about 1 year ago where the devs wanted player feedback. I did mention your type of info and a “town” where we could show off vanity and chat real time (plus other goodies). PvP would still have to be you vs AI though. The devs have subtlety mentioned DQ2.

@MAHIRAP look at paragraph 7 of post below. :grin:

That would be nice. Bu I think I’ts still quite risky for the devs and game owners as I see it.
time shall tell.

Mr_Scooty , I almost on the feels while reading it.
Well more power to the Devs, Artist ( I’m an artist too-deidara/sai type), and to the whole DQ community. Players like me/us are just here for the support. :slight_smile:

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I’m excited too. I have played ~2300 hours on this game and I have also been in ~20k arena matches. I definitely support the devs and encourage others to support as well. Maybe they will have a trailer soon for DQ2.

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Gonna wait for that.
Salamat brad

walay problema brad

can we still use our current dq acc in DQ2? and download it.

Larrybird It isn’t really clarified yet we’ll just wait.

I have no idea but I am highly confident we will all have to start from scratch. That makes sense to me.

back to zero again. :confused: :sweat_smile::explodyparrot:


I meant guilds but builds I will also enjoy lol. Yep builds are like golden age of exploration and something that could take a while to end.

I was born too early for space exploration, born too late for land exploration but never too late to explore inside VR. Build making, strategy making, map making, organised game wars , etc are the human souls desires in a video game at it’s finest. I don’t care what parents who try to demonize video games say, this is exploration in its finest.
Saying I made up just now ^ .

Yup. An entirely different game it should be and I have faith that it’s gonna be really good. May take a while but if it comes out at some point , well that’s awesome. Also it’s fun back to 0.

Maybe game engine limitations but maybe they might have a different one or upgrade some aspects for the Dq2. I wish them 10 years of good luck.

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+1 great idea dude… Cant believe i havent thought of that… Anyways this is pretty amazing… I hope that the devs will consider this huhuhuh

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Thanks And I still have bunch of suggestions here :sweat_smile:

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A 5v5 Clash would be more exciting and thrilling.