Arena game name


Hey there! can i know your IGN in arena :wink: thanks let me know all of you guys…


Crush.Ko.Si.Pat here ! :raised_hand: hey sachzna! my current hard to.beat enemy…nice build ur strong


@Eater wait for my come back :sunglasses:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: your wizard was to strong for me too . It takes round 5 to beat everytime i face you i got loss sometimes.


Hi eater rouge


Skyler_brye here :joy: still in div.6 . Hi idol :yum: are you Pinoy?


Hi Pat :smiley: , I also admire you’re wizard :blush:


wow you must be playing at 2v2 :slight_smile:


Sachzna mortal nemesis. Cyantific here ^^


Hey ther ! Change your playstyle. In rouge class kaizoku is the best rouge for me…


I know my toon isn’t suitable for AI thats why i play a lot in arena but man your toon is like God swapping


Try to make ur ai same to ur playstyle. Try to put enigma ?


I have other rogue still farming for decent item and crystals yet ^^


Sup. My forum name is same as arena IGN. Nuff said.


IGN: TechnoMax
Current Hard AI Enemy: JWS (Wizard)


IGN: Arrow143
Cryptos (Warrior)




IGN:kamos. Dont fall for my rank tho i switched up to warrior recently


Same name as forum.


Nastyone is mine. My characters are either calls chimera_Bethany or Megan or Nathan or Brandon or apocalypse_Lucas or saourise