Arena Health Gaining

IN the future I request that the arena limits the HP on hit and HP Regen affixes, with AIs that sit still and just spam ranged attacks with a wide spread and/or multi attack these two are a little broken. 254 HP on hit and a bow that shoots a huge area of effect with ice attacks and frostbite is invincible, and things such as this have kept me out of the eternal league for quite a while as the top 2% of legend league is filled with this. Please consider making it to where they are scaled down or limited to the highest of your equipment in Arena.

Nope it’s not invincible you can counter it. you just need to find the right affixes for the job :wink:

do a back read it might help you to gets some idea how to counter it

You gotta be the best to uhh…
Be the bestest.

Healing is being looked at for the next balance patch.

Ah alright, cool