Arena is a JOKE

At Round 20 and I need to deal 22k Scalp damage from afar so I can get you One Hit… Face to face I die :laughing:

round 20 lmao. btw nice HP rate lol


@DeathGG Jawdropper.

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So you are the responsible of his 1 lose. (Mandelbrot has 1 lose only :joy:IMAGINE)

Nope his not… Wins and loses will only be record if the actual user is the one whos handling in the arena… correct me if im wrong @Mr_Scooty

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You are correct @anon91429674. In the marwinberna match above, only marwinberna will earn 1 win in his 1v1 arena player stats. Mandelbrot will not receive a loss in his 1v1 arena record.


Having high HP Immortal Builds makes me need to draws many times so my Scalp DMG becomes very high like 20k per hit for 1 hit K.O. I draw 20 times to Mandlebrot with 18k HP but on JWS (Midlumer) I just need 15 Round draws BUT the exchange of this 1 win I got 2 loses (reduce 20 trophies) from other players. Good build to challenge players but very frustrating enemies for others.

Frustrating for those characters who depends in close range fights :dizzy_face:

Indeed hahahahah

My biggest gripe about the Arena, isn’t about the Arena at all. It’s about how computer servers in general process information on a first come first served basis. So if a player happens to be high speed fiber optics. I no longer complain, I simply hit “forfeit” after the first round of combat. Hell why bother, if a player needs all that speed just to win a combat instead of tactics. Let them play by themselves, I ain’t got time for bs.

arena is not real time :confused:

No such thing as “real time” in computers. Connection speeds vary. But if somebody you are up against in the Arena is getting 10 commands issued for every your one. It’s no longer about skills and tactics, and I’ll forfeit.

When it comes to computers and servers, “real time”, just like the term “multi-tasking” is a myth, not a reality.

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It IS possible to throttle speeds of individual users to the server. The company may want to look into that as an option.

i am using data not LTE normal data but still can top1 :wink: if they got better build than your then you just have to get better tactics coz your opponent is just ai and you were the one whos controlling real time :wink:

Agreed hahahah I have a very crappy phone and a very crappy internet connection but I still manage to reach eternal league in no time . xD

Same and that was a year ago. I could barley play campaign though but that’s fine.

Nowadays I overclocked my S6 and can play high fx, ultra high shadows and screen shake and no problems. Hardly any zombies!

Overclocked CPU and GPU of the phone SoC (socket on chip uses both cpu and gpu without fans) to achieve this and battery still fairly solid even though S6 battery is usually bad.