Arena is a JOKE


How to do that sir @CuzegSpiked?


You can’t overclock a phone cause its OEM locked


Actually you can. Overclocked my S5 to 2.8ghz . s6 I did to 2.4ghz big cores and 1.8ghz little cores.

But man let me tell you, S5 at 2.8ghz is so fast! Feels like modern flagships but super responsive.
But 2.8ghz let alone 2ghz is overkill for DQ on the S5 and S6 IMO on my custom ROM. I play DQ at 1.2ghz at ultra settings and stuff very easily but for 60fps , 1.5 or 1.7ghz. On the S6, I managed 800mhz just for DQ which is the lowest frequency on its big cores and even that was overkill for DQ at ultra settings for me somehow.

How? Custom kernel and custom ROM. Also rooting the phone. OEM locks are irrelevant . if you talk about bootloaders such as locked phones by Verizon, T mobile and that. Well I use unlocked phones.

One thing I find is that Samsung versions of android limit you and their default settings but pure android is where I gain much more performance as well as battery life and I feel the full power I never would’ve otherwise felt.

But you can unlock bootloaders on locked phones but sometimes its difficult depending on carriers.
I could go into more detail but that’s better off when I private message you as this forums meant for DQ rather than phones.


:laughing: x 100. thank you for the information, but this line amused me very much as I watched you add more to the post. honestly, for those who like tinkering on their devices to get the most out of them to do more with DQ, @CuzegSpiked is very knowledgeable on this subject. overclocked for the win!


Custom kernels…hmm…that would work on the other hand I wouldn’t want to blow my phone up by feeding it more power,it is unstable as it is right now lol


Its not possible to blow up phone unless you manually overvolt it. Normally if I overclock, the phone could shut down but it won’t blow up unless I manually put too much voltage. I put just enough voltage for the overclocks so that it can work but not enough to blow up. Also custom kernels are very well designed so nothing is screwed up unless its in beta or alpha testing mode or unless you manually put effort to screw up. The same story goes for custom Roms. That means its a lot harder to screw up in blowing up phones than normal. Its more possible to screw up software wise but not outright blowup a phone.

Rooting alone is fine too and just about any android device has it. I would highly recommend doing full research before proceeding to avoid making big mistakes that I’ve once made. Its harder with new devices to make mistakes but they are there.

I did build a PC build and overclocked and over clock my phones and stuff easily.

The phone wouldn’t be as unstable if you have a custom ROM or something. Normally the OEM ROMs are very badly coded (cough Samsung ).