Arena Level Bug and League Bug

1st -(I’ve Discover this bug when me and my sister arguing about why I’m always chillin and play my game when lots todo in the house)
I played 2nd account in that time. and it is new in PVP and hoping that i could get the eternal chest… anyway I fight 10-15 enemies then I’m on Mythic League Don’t Why, and so my sister turn off the wifi… then my fight on an enemy is over I did’nt notice that she turn off the wifi so I keep on pressing the retry button when your internet connection is slow to continue finding match then I discover that my arena level still gets exp. And level up my arena level to 20 even tho. I just play in 1 hour, so yeah… sorry for that not intention tho. a Helpful One tho. Hehe… :sweat_smile:

2nd - my Sanctuary Amulet is named Alchemy Amulet don’t know how… Lmao! it is good for trolling on PVP tho.

Lucky on the Arena lvl i guess that work’s that must be a really bad bug :slight_smile: And i do believe that the name thing has been happening to alot of people good you told people because they might think your hacking

Yeah, You’re right

2nd its a bug

Haha trolling bug

i also have it but already deleted :joy:

Haha, still keep mine as a souvenir

im keeping a nadroji suit without a bonus affix :slight_smile:

How? Do you know how to get rid with those bunos affix?

its the old nadroji man :smile: it cannot be remove those bonus unless if you use the Quartz but it will remove all you the affix that are available on your item xD

Haha, that puny quarts! I remember that i used that on my hunter ring it remove all affixes… and make my ring unto celestial ring

kinda over power crystal because it has a random chance of removing affix and also a troll :smile:

What item did you use?

I forgot… but the set affix on that item is arcanist