Arena level bug?


Is this a bug or like did something change its actually been like this for a bit like two updaes ago


you mean your points increase or decrease?


No the fact that its suddenly taking 1mil points (more or less)


hmm arena point only give 2500 if lose and 5000 points when win each time you level up at arena the points needed getting bigger


But it went feom needing 15 wins to about 80


i dont know its just that everytime u lvl the xp required to lvl again is added w/ a big value. i reach lvl 35 after so many games maybe around 2800+games lol. (now almost lvl36)


Alright it just seemed odd thanks you two


as @roykiyoy said about that 2800+ matches win or lose is fine but it is better if it is all win to reach level 35 fast at arena


ya since usually lose gave 2500 xp and win usually gives 5000. i got lots of loses when i was a newbie thats why i lose 671 (450+ from newbie time) and win 2270+ .also u lose some games to when ur experimenting builds in arena. dont worry by losing game ul
learn a lot of things. which could lead u to victory


You said 2500 xp for losing and 5000 xp for winning but in my case I only got 2500 xp after winning not all the time though. Is that a bug?


connection problem, I got 5000 sometimes even losing at battle