Arena like PVE

I’d like to see this in game.

When you finished 200 floors of campaign you’ll unlock a new mode in main menu. This mode will be like a battle arena but instead of pvp it should be a pve arena. You’ll just be killing mobs of different lvlsthen after killing a bunch of this mobs

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or boss battle per floor once you finish the 200 floors :blush:

make it time trial mode, 30sec time given for each wave. each wave will spawn 20 normal, 10 magic, 5 rare, 2 epic monster. (have chance to spawn legend monster). legend monster have change to drop legend-eternal chest. each wave of monster will be much stronger than previous wave. and each 10 wave cleared player will rewarded with legend-eternal chest, and make new set affix specific for time trial mode (like gladiator set affix for arena). killing those mobs will not effect the feat for campaign mode. and player cant use any potions.

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