Arena questions

Can anybody tell me the 2 skill at the bottom tab does in the arena? And is there a standard point to reach eternal league? If so, please tell me😊. Thanks!

those are on Trinkets, they go in the space next to the Pet, and are only used in the Arena. one dispels stuff, either from enemy trinkets or spells. the other one is used against the enemy, Silence, Slow, or Root. only one of the last 3 will be on any Trinket. Trinkets can be gotten as rewards in Chests when you win battles in the Arena.

Oooo. May i ask what is the arena ranking point i must reach to get to eternal league?

I think you need about 1,000 to 1,200. I just got back into Eternal League, barely, and that was my MMR (Matchmaking Rating), well, it is around 1,100 I think. I think the number you need changes a little bit depending on how many people are playing in the Arena, so it could go up or down a few points over time. when you get into Mythic League, you know you are getting close, next stop: Eternal League!!