Arena reward fire aura

I don’t receive this fire aura after completing the arena’s common league what’s happening to this game ? More bugs? I spent a like lot of time for completing common league so please help me…thank you in advance . …xD

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So it is not in your vanity tab portion of your inventory screen?

No I don’t get anything.

How can I get it ?

I don’t know to be honest. I will have to have a look at your save data. Please upload your most recent data to the DQ Account system and then email me your DQ account email address to

Do u have yahoo mail? I’m just gonna mail you.

No. The support email address is

I just won 1 v 1 magic league and moved to next league and cannot find the fire aura anywhere either…Def a bug

Please ingore my requests tdaniel, I found it…

How did ya found it bro?

It’s in Vanity Tab → Press the Aura button ( third from the top on the right side ) → Should see auras

Problem solved… XD I got it now… xD xP haha