Arena winstreak

Is it possible that arena winstreak is bugged? I won about 7 or 8 games in a row with my wizard in 1v1 and i still get no winstreak bonus.

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@Cyrukh der such thing streak bonus in arena… u can even go 1000+ win with 5 or below loses or even 0.if u already had a proper build. But der will be no winstreak bonus.

I think its a good wjn streak bonus every like 15-20win. Like additional 50 league points or high chance getting legend or eternal box upod reaching this win streak

I no what you mean I think it is buged as I have won a lot and it shows 0 still for me

Winstreaks where removed they used to be in the game when PvP was released but now they have been replaced with the more simple MMR system :smile:

you might be a old player?

Ive played dq on release back then

I see

Most annoying thing back then were the potions. You had to buy them.

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Imiss the old version dmg of greengarden build lol

yeah buy those potions and its a bug at hireling so theu make it free lol

When I look at my stats or opponent’s stats there’s a category for win streak. I also really hate that quest page every time you load up taking its time to get in your way for almost no reason at all changes one a month at best for a few 5 min quests and it’s always in the way! You also can’t see shit on the ladders b we cause of the divisions and we’ll just don’t show you shit about arena. For what the game has to offer and how hard it fails on showing anything in arena is kinda strange to me.

The quest pop up is a google play games services addition…disable google play games sign in for Dungeon Quest and you will not see this pop up.

As far as area “shit” what are you referring to? Are you looking for a detailed breakdown of everything that happens in the match? Or are you referring to wanting to see all the players on each ladder and what they have equipped, etc?