Arena XP Bug

I don’t think those weird numbers should be like that. Not to mention that 250xp/500xp ends awarding way more. And sometimes, the bar starts partially full.

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If its not clear, I’m refering to the xp values for the Arena level.

the 5000 points and 2500 points?

You are at a low level. The bar tells you how close you are from your previous level to your next one.

The numbers tell you your current exp and the exp required to go to the next one.

For example, lv14 requires ~18000 total exp. Lv 15 requires ~24000 total exp. The difference is ~6000. You are at ~20000 total exp. That means you have ~2000 exp (~33%) put in to leveling to the next level.

When you level up, the surplus exp is still given so it will fill up your bar (you do not lose the surplus exp). And because you are at a low level, you can level up multiple times from 1 battle causing the bar to behave erratically.

It displays +500 and +250 xp for the rewards. Add at least another 0 to those?

And that’s still a bug if multiple level ups cause it to be eratic.

What makes you say this? Lets say the following is the experience required:

1 100
2 300
3 600
4 1000
5 1500
6 2100
7 2800
8 3600
9 4500
10 5500
11 6600
12 7800
13 8100
14 9500
15 11000

lets say you get 2500 per fight.

First fight = 2500 total exp = lv 6 with extra 400 exp remaining. To go from lv 6 to 7, you need 700 exp. With 400 exp already put into this process, you are 4/7 to lv 7.

Second fight = 5000 total exp = lv 9 with 500 exp remaining. To go from lv 9 to 10, you need 1000 exp. With already 500 surplus, you are 5/10 from lv 10.

3rd fight = 7500 total exp = lv11 with 900 remaining. You will be at 9/12 to lv 12

4th fight = 10000 total exp. You will be at 5/15 to lv 15.

If you have pokemon x/y, try leveling up a lv0 sableye to lv100 with lucky egg and the XP boost O Power by killing the end game mewtwo over and over again using toxic (you can make him reappear by rebeating the elite 4). You will see the exact same erratic behaviour with the Exp bar due to massive lvl ups with no limitations.

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I’m talking about the weird numbers more so.

the best reply for explaining something :smile: btw I play pokemon crystal hahaha