Argh - those worms!

While the ignore resists help me kill them, the fact that those damn thing can still easy kill my char is annoying. Even worse are their legend and mystic version since in some challenge map those worm will heal themself to full health if their kill you main char (but not you hireling). My main are wizard using gaunget and skull and play on mystic 1 map type.

I hate ogres… Damn those rock throwers

The mobs will full heal always, anytime you die… if you’ve used up all your respawns

It sounds as if you need to work out more dps.

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Use 100% weaken, more DPS , survival in terms of dodge/block , maybe ice (ice freeze works which is my favourite , except if enemies are freeze immune).

How to increase DPS? Resource Mythic such as Energy, Fury , Legend affix such as Glasscannon, Push the limit, Barbarian, 200% WD , at least 3x 100% ED or so , a fast hitting/high MH or OH skill ,procs such as CosmicOrb Mythic , chest mythic such as Brutal, Exposed Ruptured , having sanctuary mythic for revival and certain sets. Then 3-6x 100% Elemncrit such as Blight, Blistering, High Voltage , Frostbiting and Celestial.

Then talents. Sorcery is a good talent for DoTs if you’re a wizard for fire and poison . Bleed also. Amplify is another good one for dot . Then Empower talent to raise Power from power 99 by 50% in terms of DMG gains. Bewilder is a stun talent for projectile.

For warrior , you can use wrath for placing debuffs , might to increase ED%, Fustigate for stuns , procs such as provocation for taunts and more.

For rogue , it’s more dependant on the skill but good ones are Razored for easy bleed , Deadeye for easy deadly strike , Mutilate to increase Multi Attacj and Extra Attack , and Relentless to increase DMG as enemy HP goes down and it’s basically similar to Demonic and Execute DMG.

If using poison, Plagued is good one. Also Druidic if you’re ok with sacrificing two set slots for druidic bonus or other methods of high Regen in poison build and Plagued with 300% or more Blight is awesome.

Frozen is good for ice builds. You need ice elemental Crits and Frostbiting to make the most out of it.

Crushing Flames set + Immolate from fire + Crushing blow + Inferno set can dominate any floor as long as you Immolate enemies, hit hard to crushing blow often and kaboom! Works nice with Bleed from blistering too.

Shock + Electrocution set + Demonic set + Relentless Talent + execute DMG + extra stack Debuff from hirling can be pretty powerful, combined with High Voltage. Shock can also be used with other elements to a great advantage with 50% stack Debuff , especially if you have Hirling.

Arcane. Well you can use ascendant + Arcanist + high weaken. 100% weaken is good with all elements ofc but arcane attacks are also good since enemies don’t really resist arcane or immune unless special conditions. Also arcane Debuff can be great as a debuffer hirling .

General DPS sets. Momentum + move speed is a great way to gain high DMG and often it can be easy. Momentum + Adventurer set for eg and 100% move speed can net high gains of DMG.
Pathfinder + high dodge can gain decent DMG. Demonic is good for gaining DMG when enemies get low HP and it’s great for spike damage explosions , including Frozen.

Attack speed for attack speed builds also helps with Attack Speed affix, Hunger set , Angelic set for skills under 1 seconds and more.
.there are many ways to increase DMG and these are just a few ways that could help.

For survival, use Dodge and at least 50% or more. That means 50% of the time , you’ll dodge an attack. Block is also an option and can be combined. It means 45% chance to block DMG or more block chance.
Sanctuary ofc is good to revive if you die but the duration of invincibility is 1 second and it has a 30 seconds cooldown before the mythic can be used again.


everybody hates worms (aka malum… I think)


yes, they are dangerous when they show up in packs in pack size maps, and also when they show up as Epic-Mythic tier monsters with a bunch of awful affixes to use against us poor defenseless Toons.
and they always end up behind you when you are fighting something else, hitting you with that terrible shock debuff.

They slow me farming down . It’s annoying speeding through maps while farming but those works delay my farm speeds. Usually 3 mins but the worms sometimes delays me further. I have hirling to help but it’s still annoying.

Ofc the other reasons of annoyance such as being almost immune to every CC except freeze and more.


lol. right

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true, they are very frustrating, but you have to admit, they keep you from getting bored while farming.

negative. they dont prevent boredom for me. but as @CuzegSpiked pointed out, they are just time consuming annoyances. constantly in a state of non targetable and poppin up and down all over the place.

its just a bad game of whack-a-mole


I don’t know, fighting them is teaching me to fight better, even though they drive me crazy! :unamused::rage::scream:

Even though they the most annoying, they add some challenge to make you really consider how to build very well for floor climbing and they are fairly interesting to be immune to almost every CC and the borrowing properties.

meh. annoying. Nough said. :slight_smile:

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