Ascension: How Fast Can I Reach Eternal Rank?

Okay, so the update has been out for only a few days. At the moment I’m on my 3rd ascension by grinding all day. I just tested some new items in PVP and I was matched against a player that has already reached Eternal Rank in Ascension.
I just wonder how many of you guys have already maxed the perks. Or that’s something not suppose to happen in 2 days?

Hey! Just report those ppl, who has reached ascension.

I’m barely about to get to my 2nd ascension, no way its possible for max that fast even with full xp sets at lvl 1 +50

Good to know. I just want to confirm before reporting him.

To hard for the yellow ascension to max lvl kinda lv50-99 can compair to blue 1-99 im lvl66 yellow half day lvling