Ascension on hireling

Hello guys, just completed my first ascension on my main, and reach back level 50. Now, I think it’s time to ascend my hireling, but I am wondering if my main will benefit of the chosen perk of my hireling?

I choose fortunate on my main and if I choose fortunate on my hireling again, will it be the same as if my main has fortunate x 2? If I pick hunter or enshrined on my hireling, will I benefits it from my main?

I search around the forum, all I find was a post from ocenyx (Feb 19):

“Dealer only works on present character holding the item. You need both Dealer perks for your main and hireling to sell all items at 10x value.”

Any recommendations / additional information would be greatly appreciated!


Dealer is the only ascension that works on hirelings. Everything else has to be on your main to take effect.