Ascension Question

Hey guys, so I’m fairly new to this game and I had some questions regarding ascension and gear. This morning I ascended my bow rogue to the right side middle perk (sorry forgot the exact name of the perk) and as a result I had my level 99 reset to 1) and because of this I’m stuff fling a bit.

Also, I wanted to know when I do level back up where do I get those eternal(?) And other powerful gears from? Is it random floors or a specific one? Thanks in advance for the help

Congrats on ascension!

Treasured is the right side middle perk.

At level 50 your toon will be able to wear any level specific gear again.

Regarding Eternal gear (green), it drops on any floor and at any toon level. Using Eternalized set equipment will increase your chance for an eternal drop. Check the Legendex to see where Eternalized set drops.

Here’s a hint of where to find Eternalized set:

Floor 350 Difficulty M3
Immortal flintlock (Eternalized)
Immortal wand (Eternalized)
Immortal lance (Eternalized)
Boundless cap (Eternalized)

Floor 1000 Difficulty M3
Abiding ring (Eternalized)
Perpetual clasp amulet (Eternalized)

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Appreciate it. I’ll get to farming. So should I start progressing or repeatedly farm 200? It’s what I love heard on the forums.

IMO a mixture of both. Find good gear & floor hike. Find better gear to help you Floor hike even higher. 500 floor is a good one to make it to so that you have greater chance of rare & ultra rare crystal drops so u can craft better gear.

Have fun!