Ascension question

So I’ve just purchased the dealer perk and am level 86. Once I hit 99 will I be able to purchase another perk and if so will it cost the same? Will my experience I gained be further penalized?
After dealer what’s the next great one to get?

only when youre level 99 each ascen price getting higher

Yes, at lv 99 you can buy another ascension perk. The cost goes up each time and the xp to level multiplier increases. I bought my fourth or fifth on my wizard last week, cost 20 mil gold and xp is now x7 more to level

It is hard to say which is the best one. It is all personal preference. I am leaving dealer for dead last because got it on my hireling first. I went fortunate ( for pickup radius and luck) then treasured to focus on better gear, then enshrined (double shrines is more awesome than I realized), then accomplished (feat reduction), next up I will get hunter (because I am tired of switching rings), and then end with dealer for even more gold. But everything I read from others varies, it’s just what you feel you want next they are all worth getting and there is no wrong choice.

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dealer the best for 1st perk…ton of gold will make u easier for next perk…fortuna 2nd,3rd treasured,4th accomplish(to hunt enslave more easier).its big mistake to skip dealer

I woukd say the best perk is fortunate with dealer hirling as first perk. Extra 200% gf and luck is way too good and not good idea to miss out. Helps alot for getting next ascension as well as levelling up. However its personal preference and as long as you can make it, it’s fine. There are choices which may slow you down but as long as you keep xp farming, it becomes worth it eventually in the very end. Maybe enshrined is also a good first perk or at least 2nd perk if levelling from magic xp league is very easy for you. Griffins exp build ftw!