Hiya boys and girls:)

I’m considering starting my 5th ascension pretty soon.
Gonna be either accomplished or hunter on my wiz or more likely my warrior.
The question is:
Quests/Feats, e. g. ‘38/100 Rare Enemies’ at the moment are shared on my 3 characters. If I get accomplished on my warrior for instance, as I understand it, the reqs to finish a feat will be lowered. That said - are the feats still shared on my characters, as in: One feat might require 100/100 on one character, and 75/75 on the one that has accomplished = I switch to the one with the lower req, if I wanna finish a feat faster?
Dunno if I’m interpreting it the wrong way? ‘Halp’! :slight_smile:

Nobody knows?

Yes feats are still shared and switching to the character with the ascension will allow you to complete them faster :slight_smile:

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Awesome - ty:)

OK jsust gave it a quick glance you had to !any numbers in there for me to care. But your ascension will only work off your lead hero. And yes you can switch to the hero with accomplished and the next one you do will complete it. Say you need to collect 150pets instead of 200 of your at 155. and switch to your warrior the next pet will complete the codex. I’d really recommend sucking it up taking 1 guy as your main. I also did hunter last and just switched a ring in my inventory for shrines hope this answered your question

Oh grid already beat me to it in a much simpler way lol

The answer is still appreciated.