[ ASK ] About Guideshot/ Primary MH skill player

Hi. I’m Just confused about this one, if u play with guideshot only, is it necesarry to put or find OH with 100% WD ? and which better 100% WD on Bow, or 100% ED on Bow if u/we/i play only with guide shot? thanks anyway~

No, you dont need 100% WD in your OH.

If your only gonna deal dmg with a bow as main dmg, you only need red wd% on bow as @f00kee said.

Weapon dmg only applies to one weapon that it is on. For eg, having 5000+ weapon dmg on bow will only ever affect the bow, whereas 5000+ ed works on any piece of gear. Also if you only have 5000 weapon dmg on offhand, it shall only work on offhand.
This same rule applies when using red wd%, however red ed% can be placed anywhere on gear and still work.

What about the second question? Which better, 100% WD or 100% ED on bow?

100%ed i think still better cuz ed% also amplify 5000wd and ed% gets higher boost when u got a good amount of 5000ed in all gears + pet … btw try to max guided +4redirect for faster clearing of mobs

The thing is ed% can be placed anywhere and still have the same effectiveness. However if you have wd% on bow, it is very effective as long as ed% is elsewhere on the gear.

WD only applies to the weapon it applies to but ED applies globally on gear and it is generally more powerful as long as your main attack is that element.

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