Asking for difficult mode

Guys, I need your answer if u want to farm eternal what difficult mode did you choose for faster hunt?

The highest. Mythic 3 if I remember it correctly because it gives higher map affix :wink:

I cant farm in m3 my set is too much low for fight m3

use hunter ring and kill those mythic monster. Granted 1 eternal items :wink:

Can i farm to 1-100 floor to find mythic monster in m3 mode?

no, mythic monster only appear after you kill 10 legend monsters
Legend monster appear after you kill 50 epic monsters
By using hunter ring, each time you activate shrine will spawn 1-3 epic monsters so it’ll help you to get the killing mythic monster achievement faster.

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Could I use Hunter ring on my hireling would it still work… Only reason I ask is my nadroji ring an amulet sets up my crystalline hammer an my sword magic armor to max 5 an I don’t wanna lose it.

nope, cannot work from hireling’s equipment, unless the hireling itself who activates the shrine (difficult but possible though).

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You could try this method. Find any ring with 4 slots then craft hunter ring put it in your main char then when you see a shrine swap your nadroji ring to your crafted hunter ring then activate the shrine after that you swap your rings again. You’ll just use your hunter ring in shrines

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That’s exactly what I do lolz. Thank you tho

Just make sure you’re not in activation range of the shrine when you switch to your Hunter ring. There’s a bug where the shrine will sort-of activate while you’re switching gear, so you lose the ability to Hunter it.

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