Asking For Elemental Weapon

Lots of people use plagued and permafrost bonus to make tanky builds rather that any element advantage of the sets. Myself included.

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yeah, I see lots of Builds like that in Battle Arena, and have used Cosmic Power for the same reason in some Builds.

Does “Damage To Elite” effective on PvP ?
If it’s not, what kind of red affix better to replace it ?
Exept proc

@forever Damage to Elites is +25%, and I think you can have up to 6 on your Build, if there are 6 different items with that affix. Glasscannon, Barbarian, and Push the Limit all give +50% each, and you can have 2 of each if you wanted. some players have PVP Builds with one of each with no DMG to Elites.

Glasscannon gives +50% DMG while lowering your HP by 50%. Barbarian gives you +50% DMG while lowering your MP by 50%. Push the Limit gives you +50% DMG while increasing the costs of your Spells by +50%.

Glasscannon can be found on items or rolled with Ruby, Barbarian & Push the Limit can only be found on items.


Example , let’s say your ice based but use plagued for armour reasons. You will still do a tiny bit of poison damage but gain defence. Any damage is not to be ignored :grinning:

Uhm okay, im about replace it with Glasscannon but im not sure cause my warior only have around 200k hp then it will be 100k with Glasscannon. My warrior is kind of immortal build

Is it okay ?
Win vs same imo build on 13th round.
I think it’s just too long :persevere:


I drag my games till found ten then kill them.

Screenshots from banned league which I asked the devs to go to for a laugh.

if you need the HP, then you should find an item with one of the other 2 instead. or use the DMG to Elites.

most of what I know about PVP is what I read in the Forums, as I am still learning from experience in the Arena. the Basics of an Immortal Build is in @Mr_Scooty Immortal Build Reveal. the rest of the Build is up to you to fill in. like @dickwad and others say, it is all about testing until your Build is doing what you want it to do, which is getting you wins and First Place!


Look at all builds then try to make them suit your game style.

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Hmm okay thanks mate

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when you look at other players posts, even when they use other players builds, they eventually tweak them, either because the Meta changes or they want the build to be more fun for them to play while winning.


Play your character and keep the skills that seem comfortable. Try changing special skills to other class skills using the appropriate chrystal. When you find a nice combo then build around them. Check out extra skills from mythic words etc.


Good job playing arena yubifreak.

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Uhm guys, another question:

  1. What different between armor and all resist ? How if we put more resist than armor ? Can it usefull when vs “barage build” on pvp ? I feel meh :persevere: when enemy also have barage build when 2vs2. It hard to reach them, though my warrior set change into very full armor around 3.5M but still… :pensive:
  2. Do you guys have rogue bow or pistoler build that can boost on PvP ? I do have rogue bow but the damage just so dissap :joy:

Since playing this game since 2015-2016 ( don’t know at all about build, just leveling :joy: ) then back on 2019 like a month ago and i found this forum.
Thank you for all the answer :innocent:

Always found you on leaderboard tho…

Armor & Resist do the exact same thing, they both reduce DMG. Warrior Builds can get a lot of Armor compared to Rogue & Wizard. Wizard Builds, especially Mana Shield Builds, do well with Resist, and all 3 Classes can have both. umm, 10,000 Armor reduces DMG just as much as 1,000 Resist. if you have both, then you get DMG Reduction from both multiplied together.

there are affixes, sets, and mythics that reduce DMG also, check them out and see if they can help you survive. MP Absorb, Defiant, & Equivalence are some examples for more DMG Reduction. don’t forget about healing the DMG you take.

in Battle Arena, the Trinkets might have an Affix that reduces the effectiveness of Armor. Weaken and some other affixes can reduce the effectiveness of All Resist, which means it reduces the effectiveness of Elemental Resists.

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at the first time i think it’s different just like some online game on PC :laughing:
Armor def from physical atk
Resist def from magical atk
Thank you


@forever I understand. I am playing a game where the Armor reduces attack and Resist reduces magic attack.

if I remember, Wizard was the first Class released in DQ, and Resistance was the important defense for it. Warrior was released second, and it made use of Armor and Block for defense. Rogue was released last and made use of lots of Dodge for defense. I don’t know if they were separate mechanics in the beginning, but all 3 Classes can use both, but it ends up taking up lots of space. good for lower floors, but Dodge & Block, and Sanctuary are better on higher floors.

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