Question:How long did you play in DQ?
Me: when i was 4th year highschool.
How about you?:wink::grinning::grinning:

Share your playing sometimes😁

you better ask the year hahaha because we don’t know when’s that 4th year H. S on you hahaha

Meaning is grade 10 4th year in high school in philippines

Lets make this simple : ive played on and off for 2 years.

Almost five months now.


@NUIQUE for just 5 months you gone that strong? i don’t think so on that 5 months haha

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Aww. Thanks. Credits to @Mr_Scooty’s crafts.

I started playing on Dec. 23(?) 2018, if that matters.

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Nearly two years now. Started posting builds in a few weeks. Then @Mr_Scooty posted his builds so I just craft between the two opposites but incorporate dodge and block in exchange for high defence and go for critical affixes. Well done @NUIQUE . Five months and eternal division one :heart_eyes:

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1 year and half month but new member in the forum hehehehe :sweat::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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playing about 3 years, playing lazily seriously about 2 years, on Forums almost 2 years.

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Hey guyz what trophy thus skullshield purges??? i’m confused…

I’ve been playing for 2 month now.

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About four years off and on sadly my first account was deleted skl

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4 years of Crafting. and took only 4 minutes to push the Banhammer Button? :rofl: