I am in currently 251 floor now I’m using map to gat a higher floor so I have a more chance to get eternal legends?


in the LegendEx, some Legend & Eternal Items have a minimum floor requirement. otherwise, floor level doesn’t affect your chances of getting an Eternal Item.

if you want to improve your chances of getting Eternal Items…

make a Farm Build with max Luck. Luck improves the chances of higher Tier Items. this means better chances for Legend Items. each Legend Item has a 1% chance to be Eternal.

when you make your Farm Build, put at least one Item with Eternalized Set. this will improve your chance of getting Eternal Items.

getting the Treasured Perk improves your chance to get Eternal and Crystal Items.

having an Imp Pet with Pick Up Legend+ Items in Options as part of your Farm Build will make the Imp pick up all Items and only drop Legend+ Items, with a chance for the Legend to be Eternal.

you might also want to have one Nadroji Set Item to improve your chances of dropping Rare Legend Items that might drop as Rare Eternal Items instead.

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