Atk Spd Limit

Was just curious if anyone knows what the attack speed limit is and how it works. Thanks!

Attk speed : 60%
Crit chance : 60%
Crit dmg : 200%

[quote=“Diieter”]Attk speed : 60%
Crit chance : 60%
Crit dmg : 200%[/quote]

So then we’d only need perfect Crit Chance, Atk Spd on four items and perfect Crit Dmg on 3 and be capped?

Is there a list of caps of other stats anywhere? Like reduced CD or something. If someone can please make a list for reference of us lesser knowledged players please :smiley:

These 3 stats increase your global dps, you need to cap them as much as possible
But tbh I didnt notice any difference of attack speed animation between 0% and 60%, it’s just about the output damage