Attention all dq devs and game ceo

Can u give all us gamers a few sneak peeks, ideas whats upcoming with the game like coop pvp new gear raids? overall what next season is gonna be like or u guys made your money and are done with the project? We all wanna know

it has a once a month update :smiley:

2.3 was just implemented recently it was kinda a major patch. so i bet it would take sometime for them to implement another big patch that would contain new gears/ideas/etc. … i guess the nxt few patches are for bug fixes and banning lol.

alright 2.4 sneak peek incoming ready yourself for this shizzle: bugs shall be fixed and other secret stuff will happen

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Brace yourselves… features are coming.

@Achilles ders are tons of strong guys in pvp who are legit. (mostly legit players are stronger than cheaters in term of toons since dey are well knowledgable how to build wel for the current pvp meta than the cheaters)

Is this true, or an approximation? Cause I feel like it’s a couple of months between updates from what I’ve noticed so far. Either way I think the developers should be pleased that users are enjoying the game <3


for example july major update september bug fix october ??? :smiley:

At this point a bug fix would be great. I’m sure they’re constantly working on those fixes. It would be, in my mind at least, as good as new content. :smile:

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every update is a surprice :wink:

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It is not true updates happen whenever the new content is done! :smile:

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No Please Read the rules before posting.

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wrong topic mate

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