Attention Filipinos!

Hey guys, esp mga pinoy! Gawa ako Group sa FB, sali naman kayo :smiley:

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too bad i cant open fb on my cp

We already have our very own facebook page for every Filipino DQ Players outhere, but only for those legit Players only. Strictly “No cheaters allowed”. If you wanna join just tell me.

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when you see it @DQ_Allstar_Pedro

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I already sent a request to join at DQ Allstar long ago. As you can see on my profile Im a legit player and already become top 1 in 1v1 but still DQ All Stars doesnt want to accept my request. SAD… :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

that “LONG AGO” means months have pastttt… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@marwinberna i was wondering wer dey got that title dq allstart lol. i thought it was a title given to them by dq devs :smile: and now i know that it was a fb group for pinoy :stuck_out_tongue: i dont have any idea since idont open fb much.

@marwinberna Are you sure about that? did the Admins entertained you?

@roykiyoy Yes nobody gives us those title, but we ourselves made that title. It means the group is consisting the Greatest, Strongest, Beta-testers, and most of all 100% Legit Filipino Dungeon Quest players. No cheaters allowed. So, I would say that makes us stars.

@TYRON its free to praise one’s self keep it up :smile: for DQ community

edit: i was kind of happy knowing der are still lots of players playing legit and even having a community :smiley:

No one praise me. T,T


pwede sumali . LEGIT PLAYER HERE NOT CHEATER . INVITE MOKO name: Vincent Ben Morrero

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Nah neither one accept my request. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I thought someone delete or disregard my request tho.

@cronos4321 i would praise u my KING :smile: but i would praise myself as GOD :stuck_out_tongue: haha

@cronos4321 I praise you and love you bro :smile:

Sure2. Just prepare the complete screenshots of your stashes, bags, and heroic points. Bro @DQ_Allstar_Pedro invite this fella.

Oh, we we’re sorry for that. Can you please send your request again? I’m gonna notify the admins after that and we will do our best to entertain you :smile:

Yeah. Of course. Thanks for that by the way :smile:

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Please le’me join :smiley:

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Eto po yung Link ng Page :smile: