Auto-target working properly for secondary skills?

It seems to me that auto-target doesn’t function with secondary skills. For example, I am playing the new rogue using a bow. Auto-target works with the bow’s main skill Doubleshot. But auto-target doesn’t seem to work when I use Multishot - the enemy ‘heads-up’ display will appear, so I fire off a Multishot, only to have it miss the target completely or almost completely, unless I manually line it up. I have noticed the same thing with the wizard using a wand. Auto-target seems to work fine for Barrage, but I have to manually line up Storm, even when the enemy ‘heads-up’ display appears. Is this a bug, or perhaps a device issue?

P.S. Please fix Assault ASAP.

P.P.S. Mounts please. That is all. :smile:

Edited skill names to be correct :blush:

Will take a look at those skills, might have missed the auto-target hooks in the skill revamp!

Assault is fixed… for us :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll share it soon, but people keep reporting more bugs…

Mounts huh? Interesting

Assault bug…nice for my warrior…[emoji106] I found a bug on Azure Blade of my rogue the meteor skill has no cooldown…unlike the when I equip my Azure Helm it has a cooldown…

Great find, thank you :smile:

Your welcome sir…[emoji106]

Same here :smiley: spamming them with many mirrors :stuck_out_tongue: awesome!:smiley:

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I switched to another build. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahh… I remember the pre 1.4 times with meteor spam… With 40k dps you could clear pre 1.4 ep 8 floor 200…

this. is. AWESOME!

Gets boring after a while. Should be fixed ASAP!

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