BA AI not battling anyone ever?

Hello can someone tell me why my BA AI never battles anyone?

On your character select screen (after you choose a game mode from the main menu) you can adjust your characters AI by pressing the “AI Settings” button.

Make sure you look at each screen in the AI Settings. Make sure that you have a minimum range set for using your attacks. If it is set to a very close distance they will not actually attack any enemies.

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Ok that part I know…sry…what I meant was…my team don’t do battles while I play campaign or am offgame…I thought a pop-up window said they would…am I mistaken?

This game is not supported for an AFK battles. If you were doing campaign you have to do it yourself. There were no AFK options for it. :slight_smile:

The team you have set (along with their AI) will fight away battles but this doesn’t happen while you are playing. You will see messages in your Message Queue when they win an “away team” match. They will use the same AI settings of the last team you played with in the Arena (1v1 or 2v2).

“Away Match” how often does this happen? …I am now in Mythic League

Your hero can battle even if you were outside the league. As long as your AI setting is in a good strategy/set.