Back Button - Implementation Suggestions

I’d like to discuss the decision to disable the Back button, and to make suggestions for its reintroduction by highlighting a few use cases:

[ol][li]User accidentally taps the icon while browsing apps.[/li]
[li]User allows the game to load, then decides to play a different game.[/li]
[li]User wants to check something in the LengendEx and/or Rankings. This user has very large fingers.[/li]
[li]User holds their device with the V-stick precariously close to their back button.[/li]
[li]User often checks their inventory.[/li][/ol]
My suggestions for each:

Use Case 1:
App-etiquette would dictate that if an application has a loading screen, that enough cpu cycles are left free to respond immediately to a Back button press, exactly to cover this use case. The problem is much worse for someone using the device who doesn’t actually play the game. After attempting to press the Back button a dozen or so times, they are likely to open the Task Manager, and terminate it from there, believing it to be “Not Responding”.
I don’t do any Andriod development, but I suspect there’s a mechanism in place to allow a process to forfeit its allotted processor time to DoEvents() or the like.

Use Case 2:
This probably doesn’t happen very often, but Use Case 1 may cross over into this one, depending on how long it takes the user to realize their mistake. Rather then being able to exit by pressing Back, the user is required to Tap to Start, specifically tap the Quit button, and then confirm that they’d like to quit.

Use Case 3:
The tiny Xs in the corner of these dialogs are rather difficult to press, especially when using one’s thumbs, as a gamer might be apt to do. The Back button should close the current item, and navigate backwards to the previous - I believe this is the expected and intuitive behavior. Additionally, from the second Main screen, it should navigate back to the first, and from the first it should act as if the user had pressed Quit.

Use Case 4:
The Back button should be disabled while dungeon crawling. This, in my opinion, is the only circumstance that disabling the Back button is more likely to be a benefit to the user, than a hinderance.

Use Case 5:
The Back button should close the User menu, exactly as if the user had clicked Resume.

Great suggestions! I’m afraid Use Case 1 is bit out of our reach. The app load process is controlled by our 3rd party engine which we don’t have code access to, best we could do is a feature request ( we haven’t had luck with these types of requests previously ).

This is helpful because while testing on the devices I have access to I don’t notice these issues, but I can definitely see how they would be UX improvements for some.

Very many popular apps don’t implement Use Case 1, then again, very many do.

Speaking from personal experience, I’m far more likely to accidently tap on a larger device, than on a smaller one. It may be worth checking device usage statistics when weighing its importance - especially if the 3rd party is going to charge you for it.