Backup/sync dq acct LOST DATA

So I am new to this game and I played it a lot from the past month cause I love it and it’s so addictive etc. I tried to upload my account progress when my rogue is still on ascension 2 and my wiz is on ascension 1 and my warrior no ascension. I’ve been hanging around the forum mostly by searching up topics to answer my questions and to get advices from builds although I didn’t register to this forum up until now.

I noticed that the games last update was a long time ago so I didn’t care about uploading my character info everytime on cloud but yesterday I saw the app is updated and when I try to upload it on cloud nothing appeared. Like I restarted my phone and tried to upload again nothing appeared.

So by the time when I woke up in the morning, I decided to update the game. I have to relogin my Dq account then voila. I came back to rogue ascension 2,wiz ascen 1 , warrior no ascen :(. My rogue has a Miss Fortune flintlock build and is on Ascension 4 with a lot of legend,Crystal and eternal items (not that useful for powerful builds tho), my Wiz had a customized 860% luck set (no Fortunate) Ascension 3 and I almost COMPLETE my Greengarden set I have been farming for it for days and I only need the OH and Armor to complete! My warrior is a bit noob than the two but still its no Ascension 3. All three characters are lvl 90+ and lots and lots of items and pets. Now I only got items and characters that I played for like a week and the noobest set. Halp I’m crying. I know for some of you im a noob but ive been grinding hard to loot those items and paid a lot of boosts ughh

I swear this is one of my screenshots

I think I answered two of your support emails if not I let me know.

We can help to restore the data that is on the dq account system but I do not have a way to create a character with specific items/equipment.

I’m new to this and I don’t understand support emails. I checked my gmail but no mails came.

Ughh it breaks my heart hearing that :’( so when you mean data on dq account system you mean the last cloud upload data I uploaded? Or what? Can you please explain further im sorry im new

responded to you over email. Closing this topic.